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Shared Responsibility

Our families, our values, and our communities are all made stronger when we are united in common purpose. To ensure our freedoms and security, we must take shared responsibility for our civic duty to our neighbors and our nation. To ensure that our blessings pass to future generations, we must work together as good stewards fo our environment and economy.



For a growing and sustainable economy, we must drive innovation and expand opportunities for all Americans. Our policies must support the entrepreneurs and small businesses who fuel our economy. We must also invest in our workforce by improving public education, making college more affordable, and ensuring a fair tax system. With a focus on people, our economy can continue to thrive.


Public Service

Our politics needs to change. Our politicians are often more focused on scoring points and tearing down the opposition rather than passing policies that will help working families. I am committed to open, honest, and effective government that works for everyday Utahns.


A Stronger America

Our strength resides in our millitary, economy, people and values. America has a unique role to press for peace and fight against terrorism and tyranny. Our great wealth allows us to invest in our people and our future. Our American values are inclusive, inspiring and powerful. When we summon all these strengths, America is at its greatest and there is nothing we cannot accomplish together.


Join Team Moon

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