A Campaign Focused on Utahns

During my career in federal government, I was prohibited by the Hatch Act from engaging in politics. In the private sector, professionalism also required an arms-length from politics. In my retirement, I've enjoyed spending time with my family, traveling, and have found ways to give back to my community through volunteer work. I also consider this campaign a way to give back to this state that I love. 

Good intentions may inspire, but this campaign is going to be some hard work. I've been meeting with party officials and political consultants and I've been gaining a greater appreciation for what this campaign will require. Utah's 3rd Congressional District stretches across seven counties and the district has traditionally voted for the Republican candidate. Fundraising, a communications strategy, and a field campaign are certainly challenges on the horizon, but I've overcome similar challenges starting businesses.

What I look forward to is connecting with people; it's what I've always enjoyed. I get energized meeting new people, finding common interests, and having great conversations. I see this campaign as a great opportunity to meet many great Utahns across a good swath of the state. I'm interested in hearing the hopes and dreams of our neighbors. I'm fascinated to listen to wisdom and experiences others have to offer. I'm eager to hear what my fellow Utahns feel about the direction of our country, how their lives are impacted, and how we can leverage the federal government to improve the lives of everyday Utahns.

I'm getting more and more excited about the prospects of this campaign.

Kent Moon