About the Elephant in the Room

A big part of my deciding to run for Congress has to do with President Donald Trump. Regardless of where you stand on policy issues, you cannot consider this man presidential.

His behavior is simply abhorrent. Whether it's the way he talks about women (and treats them), people of different faiths, families seeking refuge or opportunity, people with disabilities, and certainly anyone who disagrees with him, all reflect an arrogance, intolerance, insecurity, and desperation that is a far cry from admirable.

There is no defense for Trump's behavior. It's not about "speaking his mind," "political correctness," or "calling it as he sees it." Much of it is simply self-interest and hate. Perhaps worse is the erratic temperament and irrational approach he brings to policymaking. Outrageous personalities may make great reality-TV, but in real life they're dangerous.

Look at the chaos surrounding Trump's White House. Scandals, investigations, corruption have surrounded this president and led to a revolving door among his cabinet and advisors. This is not leadership and you cannot get further from Utah Values. Yet, Utah's members of Congress don't stand up; they go along. Regardless how unseemly, they put partisan politics ahead of the country. Utah deserves better.

In red states around the country, we've seen the tide begin to turn. Utah’s 3rd Congressional District is also ready for a change. While traditionally a Republican district, the GOP has become the party of Donald Trump and our current elected officials have bought into Trump’s divisive and dangerous agenda. Rep. John Curtis sold himself as moderate, but from his few months on the job has proven himself a willing accomplice.

For real change, true reform, and accountable leadership, join the Kent Moon for Congress campaign.

Kent Moon