I'm running
for Congress
to bring
Utah Values
to Washington.


About Kent Moon

Kent Moon has a deep history in Utah. The Moon family came to Utah on the fourth wagon train into the Salt Lake Valley. Along with other Mormon pioneers, the Moons settled in Davis, Wasatch, Duchesne and Uintah Counties. A family largely of farmers and ranchers, Kent learned the value of hard work at an early age, doing farmwork after school until sunset in Bountiful starting when he was 10 years old. Near the end of high school, Kent’s family moved to Denver, Colorado, but Kent returned shortly thereafter to attend the University of Utah. After serving an LDS mission in New Zealand, Kent graduated with bachelor’s degrees in Finance and Management. After graduating, Kent went to work for the U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA).

Kent rose quickly through the SBA ranks, working throughout the United States and arriving in Washington, D.C. as a financial analyst and senior technical advisor. He returned to Utah to raise his family. Throughout his lengthy career at the SBA, Kent’s leadership was instrumental in providing women, people of color and veterans with the funding to start and develop their businesses. With his experience bringing people together, Kent found an opportunity to develop a small business development programs in the private sector, continuing the mission of empowering small businesses and entrepreneurs throughout Utah. After retiring in 2013, Kent has enjoyed spending time with his wife, Tracy, three children and seven grandchildren.


Why I'm Running for Congress

Make no mistake, the GOP is Trump's party now. The chaos of the Trump administration threatens not only our economy and our national security, but endangers our American principles and our Utah Values. You simply cannot get further from Utah Values than Donald Trump. Utah should have congressional leadership standing up for Utah Values and everyday Utahns rather than simply holding their nose and going along with Trump's abhorrent behavior and erratic policymaking. Utah Values, such as caring for our neighbors, opportunities, stewardship, honesty, fairness and compassion are the basis of how I understand the issues and the challenges facing our nation. I believe we can find common ground, regardless of your political party, around Utah Values. I'm running for Congress to bring Utah Values to Washington, to stand up for everyday Utahns, and to get the government working for the people.


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